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Administrative Skills

Learn the skills to administer day to day activities of your concern. It provides insights on day-to day activities which are prominent for a successful long run business. Be it report writing, scheduling meeting, handling clients, telephones and emails, our administrative skills workshop will simply equip you with an ability to multi-task on a routine level.

Is it for me?

Suitable for all applicants (students, graduates, professionals, entrepreneurs, managers and leaders) who wants to develop skills of multi-tasking.

Aim and Objectives:

The aim of this program is to develop applicants’ ability to manage time and multi task effectively in routine day to day activities.

By the end of this workshop, the audience will:

  • To learn to prioritise tasks depending on their importance.
  • Produce well structured reports, effective email responding skills and professional telephone speaking skills


The training will be supported with learning materials, planning templates, discussions, exercises and activities. Provided with hand out materials for references.


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